#8 - Around the World

For my 14th birthday my Mum took me on a literal trip around the world. It was my "coming of age". For my 20th birthday my best friend Courtney took me on a pretend trip to Paris, New York and Tokyo. It was the week of Ants birthday and I hadn't planned anything yet so I thought back to my favourite birthdays and wanted to pass it on.


PARIS Croissants & Black coffee at the Rose Gardens.

Soundtrack: La Femme, Francoise Hardy. Costume: Beret

BALI The Secret Garden, Waihi - due to volcanic irruptions we instead had a beer at Flat White, Waihi.

Costume: Tacky bead necklace?

BUENOS ARIES Sangria, Empanada and Gazpacho for Lunch. Then a swim and a nap at Whiritoa beach.

Soundtrack: Bascabulla. Costume: Stick on Mustache

KYOTO Teriyaki Chicken and Green tea ice cream at a Japanese shrine.

Soundtrack: Lost in Translation Soundtrack. Costume: Kimono

NEW YORK Cafe Society by Woody Allen at the Rialto then a drink at Nomad.

Soundtrack: Miles Davis. Costume: Baseball cap

#4 - LA

I forgot to pull the camcorder out in New York & barely in LA....So all I have is a short snippet of footage from The Getty and Salvation Mountain. To make up for it here's some photos of NYC and LA as well. 

Minnesota 1

I needed a project. I found my crappy old camcorder with footage from 2012 that I never did anything with. So I started cutting it together, really raw with grainy sound. Which led me to Shy Notes. It's not about perfection, high quality or trying to prove anything. For me it is a way to document, keep my eyes seeing and for video to simply be my art. I took it to America so here is part 1.